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Experience Auckland's Whales, Dolphins, & Other Marine Life

Tikapa Moana Wildlife Cruise on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf

Tikapa Moana Whale & Dolphin Wildlife Cruise

Join Explore Group on a Tikapa Moana Whale & Dolphin Wildlife Cruise and experience the magic of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. This iconic marine park is home to diverse marine life, including whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, and birdlife.

On board our spacious and comfortable cruise vessel, you can spot various marine wildlife in their natural habitat. Our experienced crew will be on hand to provide informative commentary and help you identify the different species you see.

In addition to spotting marine life, you’ll also learn about the history and culture of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Our crew will share stories about the original inhabitants of the area, Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, and their relationship with the sea.

Our cruise promises an immersive experience, allowing you to witness the breathtaking beauty of the ocean and encounter its most majestic inhabitants.

Discover the Marine Magic of Auckland’s, Hauraki Gulf

Cruise from the vibrant city of Auckland and delve into the mesmerizing marine world surrounding the Hauraki Gulf. Our expertly guided cruises offer a unique opportunity to witness the grace and charm of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is renowned for its rich biodiversity, providing a home to various marine species.


Price: $131.75 per person   Child $63.75
Departs: Wed, Thurs, Friday:  11:30 am
Duration: 4 Hours 30 minutes
Departs: Sat, Sunday & public Holidays
                 12:00 pm
Duration: 5 Hours 20 minutes

Witness Majestic Whales and Playful Dolphins

As you cruise through the glistening waters, keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of marine life. From the awe-inspiring breaches of whales to the playful antics of dolphins riding the bow waves, every moment promises to be a unique and awe-inspiring spectacle. Our guides, well-versed in the behaviours of these magnificent creatures, will provide insightful commentary, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of their natural behaviours.

Commitment to Conservation and Education

Tikapa Moana Whale & Dolphin Wildlife Cruise is not just an adventure; it’s a commitment to marine conservation and education. Our guides share valuable insights into the delicate ecosystems that sustain these aquatic marvels, fostering a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Treasure experiences that will endure.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a wildlife photographer, or simply seeking a unique and memorable experience, the Tikapa Moana Whale & Dolphin Wildlife Cruise is for you. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where the ocean’s wonders come to life against the backdrop of New Zealand’s stunning coastal landscapes.

Book your Tikapa Moana Whale & Dolphin Wildlife Cruise today and embark on a nautical adventure that promises excitement, education, and the sheer joy of witnessing nature’s grandeur up close. The ocean awaits, and so do its magnificent inhabitants.

Why choose Explore Group for your whale and dolphin cruise?

  • We offer a marine mammal viewing guarantee. You can come again for free if you don’t see any marine mammals on your cruise.
  • Our crew is experienced and knowledgeable about marine life and the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.
  • We offer a comfortable and spacious cruise vessel with plenty of viewing space.
  • We are committed to sustainable tourism and support local conservation efforts.

Book your Tikapa Moana Whale & Dolphin Wildlife Cruise today and experience the best of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park!

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