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Discover the Essence of Maori Culture

Unforgettable Tours in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

With Travell Ed, immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and rich traditions of the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Our Maori tourism company are enthusiastic about providing unforgettable experiences that showcase this enchanting region’s vibrant heritage and natural wonders.

At Travel Ed, travel should be more than just sightseeing; it should be a transformative journey connecting you to a place’s soul. With deep respect for Maori customs and traditions, we offer authentic cultural encounters that will leave a lasting impression.

Join us on a mesmerising tour to witness the breathtaking landscapes that have shaped Maori legends for centuries. Explore lush forests, sparkling lakes, and pristine coastlines while our knowledgeable guides share captivating stories passed down through generations.

Experience visiting a marae (meeting grounds). Participate in traditional ceremonies, learn about ancient customs, and discover the profound spiritual connection between the land and its people.

Travel Ed tours cater to individuals and groups, offering a range of carefully curated itineraries to suit your interests and preferences. Whether you seek adventure, cultural immersion, or relaxation, our tours provide an authentic and meaningful encounter with Maori culture.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Travel Ed and unlock the secrets of the Bay of Plenty. Let us guide you through a land where history, spirituality, and natural beauty intertwine, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Start your unforgettable Maori adventure with Travel Ed today!

Our Awesome Guided Day Tour Options:

History & Culture Tour of Tauranga

Price:  $189.00 per person – Child $153.00 pp 
Departs Mount Maungani:  9:00 am 
Duration: 5 .5 Hours.

Embark on a captivating journey through Tauranga’s fascinating history and vibrant culture.

Follow in the footsteps of our pre-European Māori ancestors and the determined settlers who established themselves in Tauranga Moana.

Delve into the enthralling stories of an ancient Māori fortified village, where legends were born, and traditions were shaped.

Discover the profound impact of missionaries and European settlers on the Māori people as our knowledgeable guides, direct descendants of those present during historical battles, provide authentic and insightful narratives.

Stand on the hallowed grounds where one of the most incredible battles unfolded, and listen to captivating tales of chivalry and bravery that emerged from those monumental moments.

Step back in time as we explore the Historical Village, a living testament to the European settlement of Tauranga.

Wander through its charming streets, lined with well-preserved buildings that offer a glimpse into the past and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

A visit to a local marae awaits, where you’ll experience the heart and soul of Māori culture. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the Tauranga harbour area from the surrounding hills, offering a genuinely stunning landscape perspective.

Immerse yourself in the captivating history and vibrant culture of Tauranga.

Book your unforgettable journey now and follow the pathways of our ancestors into a world filled with stories, traditions, and the spirit of Tauranga’s remarkable heritage!

History & Cultural Walk of Tauranga

Price:  $169.00 per person – Child $135.00 pp 
Departs Mount Maungani: 9:00 am 
Duration: 4 Hours.

Immerse yourself in Tauranga’s rich history and vibrant culture with our captivating history and culture walk.

Take in breathtaking views from Papamoa Hills as our expert Māori guide shares fascinating stories of the region.

Book Now and Experience Tauranga’s Essence!
Explore Ancient Pā Sites & Connect with Māori History.

Delve into ancient pā sites, revered fortified villages of immense historical significance. Uncover their cultural importance and the captivating stories they hold.

Our knowledgeable local Māori guide will lead the way. Discover the Role of Marae in Māori Culture Visit a traditional marae, a cornerstone of Māori culture.

Learn about its vital role in preserving and upholding Māori traditions. Gain insights into customs, traditions, and the marae’s significance within the community.

Panoramic Views of Tauranga Harbour & Bay of Plenty. Marvel at panoramic views of Tauranga Harbour and the stunning Bay of Plenty coastline.

Let captivating stories spanning thousands of years transport you through ancient legends and contemporary tales of colonisation.

Please note that a moderate fitness level is necessary for this walking tour to fully appreciate the experience.

Imagine Tauranga’s captivating history, cultural richness, and scenic beauty. Book your unique history and culture walk today!

The Hidden Wonders of Tarawera Falls

Price:  $199.00 per person – Child $162.00 pp 
Departs Mount Maungani:  9:00 am 
Duration: 6.5 Hours.

Uncover the Essence of Māori Culture: Coastal Tour from Tauranga to Whakatāne.
Join our knowledgeable local Māori guides on an unforgettable coastal tour. Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern stories of the Māori people as you journey along the stunning Bay of Plenty coastline. Experience the tranquil beauty of a short bush walk and feel the awe-inspiring spiritual power of Tarawera Falls as water gracefully tumbles through the rugged rock face.

The Last Tribal Musket War - Maketū

Price:  $199.00 per person – Child $162.00 pp (Includes BBQ lunch)
Departs Mount Maungani:  9:00 am 
Duration:  4 Hours.

Uncover History: Last Musket War & Maketū Coastal Tour.
Join us on a fascinating coastal tour of the Bay of Plenty, where history comes alive. Explore the site of the last musket war, where Māori tribes engaged in epic battles. Hear the stories directly from the Māori descendants who witnessed and participated in these conflicts. Visit Maketū, an important site from the ancient Māori migration era, and see the protected breeding colony of the New Zealand Dotterel. Marvel at the presence of migratory birds, making this a truly unique and captivating experience.

Optional: To conclude the tours you can enjoy an exquisite culinary experience at Izakai, an award winning Māori/Japanese fusion eatery. (at your cost, subject to opening times)

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