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Immerse Yourself in Ngawha Waiariki Springs: Northland's Geothermal Oasis

Are you seeking tranquillity and rejuvenation? 

Look no further than Ngawha Waiariki Springs, a sacred sanctuary nestled in the heart of Northland, New Zealand.

Here, ancient geothermal waters bubble forth from the earth, inviting you to soak in a natural wonderland of thermal pools.

Unwind in geothermal paradise:

  • Sixteen unique pools: Each spring boasts its own personality, from the fiery heat of Bulldog Pool to the soothing mud of Solomon Pool, renowned for its skin-healing properties.
  • Indulge in Maori wellness: Steeped in Maori tradition, Ngawha Waiariki honours its heritage with authentic cultural experiences and deep respect for the land’s spiritual essence.
  • Reconnect with nature: Immerse yourself in the lush greenery surrounding the springs. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the melodic birdsong, and let the geothermal mist paint the landscape in an ethereal glow.

More than just a soak:

  • Private escapes: Choose from eight intimate pools for a blissful or luxurious solo retreat with loved ones.
  • Cultural immersion: Dive into Maori customs with guided tours, traditional performances, and the opportunity to learn about the influential legends woven into the land.
  • Adventure awaits: Explore the natural wonders of Northland beyond the springs. Hike volcanic peaks, kayak in turquoise waters, and discover hidden waterfalls.

Ngawha Waiariki Springs:

  • A haven for healing: The mineral-rich waters are believed to soothe aches and pains, promote relaxation, and revitalize the soul.
  • A family-friendly getaway: With shallow pools and shaded areas, Ngawha Waiariki caters to travellers of all ages.
  • Accessible escape: Located just five kilometres from Kaikohe, the springs are easily accessible by car or bus.

Ready to awaken your senses and embrace the geothermal magic of Ngawha Waiariki Springs? Book your journey today and discover the transformative power of Northland’s hidden gem.

General Session times:
Each session is 2 hours.  There are 5 sessions per day.

You can book online by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button anytime  

We advise that you book in advance to ensure you are not disappointed.

Important information:

  • ​Session starts immediately and you will need to vacate the pools at the end time stated
  • You must wear appropriate swimwear (togs, shorts, singlet, t-shirt, sarong).  Use of old swimwear and towels is advised as the smell can stay in your swimwear for a number of washes.
  • Towels are available for hireage ($10) at the front desk

Price:  Adult $34.00 pp   Child $15.00 pp aged under 18 yrs   
Session Times: every two hours on the hour
Duration: Two Hours

We invite you to bathe in the healing waters of our 16 geothermal pools at Ngawha Springs and let the ancient energy revitalise your senses while the minerals from deep in the earth permeate your body.

Each pool has its own unique characteristics and healing properties with differing temperatures, colours, and minerals. 

Ngawha springs have a long history of being a restorative and healing place to visit. Our people of Ngapuhi relax in the natural springs to replenish our wairua (spirit), alleviate the sensation of pain, and repair common ailments. 

You are booked for a 2-hour session. The session will start immediately at the session time you have booked for, at the end after 2 hours and you must vacate the pools immediately. The session will be closed off 1 hour after your session start time, e.g if booked in for a 6 pm session 7 pm will be the latest time you can enter. 

Suitable clothing must be worn (no nudity or G-strings), and we advise you that your swimwear and towels will have a residue odour of thermal springs. We have towels at the front desk for hire.

Please refer to our general terms and conditions for more details about the use of the springs – you will receive these in your booking confirmation