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12 Days South Island Snow Odyssey

Queenstown to Christchurch

This is it: the ultimate guided snow trip of New Zealand that will take you to the finest South Island ski resorts and club fields! We have bundled the South Island’s ski and snowboard hotspots and hidden gems for you! On this twelve-day snow tour, our skilled snow guides will show you the slopes and the tow ropes.

This lengthy journey visits the most prominent ski fields in New Zealand before venturing off the beaten path to lesser-known club fields beloved by locals and professionals. We will explore eleven mountains, including The Remarkables, Coronet Peak, Porters, Cardrona, Ohau, Treble Cone, Roundhill, Broken River, Mt Olympus/Temple Basin, and Craigieburn, as well as New Zealand’s most popular winter resorts, Queenstown, Wanaka, Christchurch, and Lake Tekapo.

With only four departures this season (from the end of July to the beginning of September), space is limited. Deposit just $99 to secure your reservation!

The Snow Odyssey is a combination of our Snow Safari and Snow Explorer trips, and is ideal for intermediate to experienced skiers/snowboarders due to the use of nutcrackers and rope tows to ascend a few slopes. However, this should not deter you; our skilled snow guides are available to assist you, and most people adjust to using these tools after only a few runs.

Price:  $3999 per person
Tour Duration: 12 days
Queenstown select date when booking 

Tour Finishes:  Christchurch.
Tour Group size:  Max. of 16 people

Highlights Included:

Porters ski field – an off-piste heaven with one of the largest vertical drops in New Zealand; Craigieburn – a best-kept- secret among locals with wide open powder bowls and lofty narrow shoots; and ever-popular Queenstown – packed with more adrenaline-pumping activities than there are hours in the day to enjoy them.

We’ve got everything organised: your transport and transfers to the mountains, your accommodation, lift passes, breakfast, two dinners and your tow gear. If you want to add on any extras like equipment hire or accommodation upgrades, that’s easy! Just click the add-on options when you book the tour and we’ll sort it!

Beginners – our Snow Safari Tour is more suited to your needs, but keep this tour in mind for when you’ve reached intermediate level!

Awesome Inclusions

 11 lift passes to 10 different mountains.
 12 breakfasts and 3 dinners.
 Rope tow gloves, harness and nut-crackers.

Day 1: Quueenstown (The Remarkabels)
Day 2: Queenstown (Coronet Peak)
Day 3: Queenstown
Day 4: Wanaka (Cardrona)
Day 5:Wanaka (Treble Cone)
Day 6: Tekapo (Ohau)

Day 7: Christchurch (Roundhill/Mt Dobson)
Day 8: Christchurch to Springfield (Porters)
Day 9: Springfield (Broken River)
Day 10: Graigieburn (Temple Basin)
Day 11: Craigieburn
Day 12: Cragieburn to Christchurch

5 Day Haka Snow Explorer

This five-day South Island snow tour will allow you to escape the throng of Queenstown and explore New Zealand’s top club fields.

The Snow Explorer is truly off-piste heaven — leave the trodden path behind and sample four of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets: Porters, Broken River, Mt Olympus/Temple Basin, and Craigieburn. These names may not be familiar to you now, but we guarantee that by the conclusion of your journey, they will be the only thing you want to discuss.

This tour is best suited: 

for intermediate to experienced skiers and snowboarders, as you will be using nutcrackers and rope tows at most sites to ascend the slopes. But don’t let this deter you — our expert instructions are there to assist you, and most people acclimate to utilising these tools after only just a couple of runs.

Price:  $2199 per person
Tour Duration: 5 days
Christchurch select date when booking 

Tour Finishes:  Christchurch.
Tour Group size:  Max. of 8 people

5 lift passes to 4 different mountains.
4 nights dorm share style accommodation.

Continental breakfasts every day.
Two Dinners
Tow protection gloves

Day 1: Christchurch to Springfield (Porters)
Day 2: Springfield (Broken River)
Day 3: Mt. Olympus/Temple Basin
Day 4: Craigieburn
Day 5: Craigieburn to Christchurch

7 Day Snow Safari Tour

If you’ve been looking for an exciting guided snow adventure in New Zealand, your quest is over! We have everything you need, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned snow fan. Christchurch, Lake Tekapo, Ohau, Wanaka, and Queenstown are the best ski towns on the South Island, and our professional guides will take you there.

Welcome to the finest one-week guided ski and snowboard adventure in the South Island! Our skilled guides will show you the best runs and powder stashes on six unique mountains over the course of seven days.

This snow vacation package includes: 

lodging, lift passes, breakfast, and access to the hot pools in Tekapo.
It is simple to include extras like equipment rental or classes. Simply click the add-on options during tour booking, and we’ll handle the rest!
This small-group excursion will take you to the best ski resorts in New Zealand, as well as some “off-the-beaten-path” slopes. Not only are our expert snow guides remarkable folks, but they also live, breathe, and dream snow – with over 100 seasons of experience between them, you know you’re in good hands!

This safari will expose you to a considerable amount of snow in addition to the South Island’s most popular attractions! We’ve designated one day in Queenstown as a non-ski day, allowing you to plan optional activities or simply relax and enjoy the winter atmosphere in Queenstown.


We love showing you the ropes (and the chairlifts, and the best beginner slopes) – this tour is tailored to your needs; simply add a Snow courses package and you’ll have a terrific time increasing your confidence and be ready to tackle some intermediate slopes by the time we’re done.

You’ll have a blast building your confidence, and by the time we’re done, you’ll be ready to tackle some intermediate runs.

Price:  $2499 per person
Tour Duration: 7 days
Christchurch select date when booking 

Tour Finishes:  Queenstown
Tour Group size:  Max. of 16 people

6 lift passes to 6 different mountains.
6 nights dorm share style accommodation.

Continental breakfasts every day.
One Dinner

Day 1:Christchurch to lake Tekapo – Mt Hutt
Day 2: Tekapo to Wanaka Ohau, Mt Dobson
Day 3: Wanaka – Treble Cone
Day 4: Wanaka to Queenstown – Cardrona
Day 5: Queenstown
Day 6:Queenstown – Coronet Peak
Day 7: Queenstown – The Remarkables

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