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Kaikoura is located on the rocky east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, where this spectacular coastline meets the majestic alpine beauty of the Kaikoura Ranges, making it an all-year destination recognised for its unique marine fauna.

Tour providers such as ‘Whale Watch Kaikoura’ will take you out to see marine species, including the gigantic Sperm Whales lured by deep water trenches on the continental shelf close off the shore. Witness the whale tail goodbye as the whale dives to the deep canyon depths for an amazing experience. ‘Kaikoura Helicopters,’ ‘Wings over Whales,’ and ‘South Pacific Helicopters’ provide picturesque flights above Kaikoura to observe the whales as they surface and prepare to dive again.

Dolphin Encounters’ and ‘Encounter Kaikoura’ provide eco-friendly trips to witness marine life like as seals and birds, as well as the opportunity to swim with and observe the native Dusky dolphins, which are recognised for their acrobatic jumps and engaging behaviour with swimmers. ‘Albatross Encounters’ brings you closer to a wide assortment of birdlife than anywhere else in New Zealand, allowing you to see the Royal Albatross in flight and other types of bird life. Other popular wildlife trips include ‘Kaikoura Kayaks,’ where you may rent a kayak and explore the shoreline on your own or join a guided tour to observe seals, dusky dolphins, and occasionally whales and orcas as they pass close to the coast. If you want to get wet, join the guys who ‘Swim with the Seals,’ which is simply fantastic!!

Things to do in Kaikoura

Things To Do On Land In Kaikoura

Things To Do In Kaikoura

There is enough to do for land lovers, from short coastline and bush walks to guided and unguided multi-day hikes.

Take a quad riding excursion on ‘Glenstrae’s’ 1,600 acre working farm, bring your camera and see the seals at ‘Ohau Point,’ and in the winter, throw on your skis and travel to Mt. Lyford.

Kaikoura township and surrounding region provide a range of accommodation choices to accommodate all travellers, as well as several restaurants, pubs, and shopping opportunities. There are so many activities and attractions in Kaikoura that there is something for everyone..

Kaikoura township and surrounding area cater to a variety of accommodation styles to suit all travellers, with plenty of restaurants, bars and shopping.

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