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Join us on the Glass Bottom Boat for a unique eco-tour experience.

The glass bottom boat is the most popular picturesque tour in the Coromandel region, exploring Cathedral Cove and the marine reserve.

The Glass Bottom Boat tours depart every day from the Whitianga wharf to explore the magnificent volcanic coastline and sea caves en route. Observe the marine life through the glass bottom or snorkel with the fish (Free equipment supplied). Observe the reserve’s aquatic life, including visiting Gemstone Bay and the enormous school of snapper.

Our glass bottom boats are unlike anything else in the Coromandel, making them an absolute must for every visitor. Our specially constructed vessels feature glass bottoms that allow you to see the marine life below.

Because no other tour provides access to this breathtaking vista, ours is truly one-of-a-kind. Our in-depth familiarity with Cathedral Cove and its history allows us to provide you with an informative and exciting guided tour. Our company’s courteous and knowledgeable staff hold marine biology, environmental science, and tourism degrees.

The Glass Bottom Boat operates with an experienced, passionate, energetic and professional team. With years of experience on the water, working with wildlife,  ensuring every trip is one to remember.

On This Tour, You Never Know What You Might See Or Encounter. Every Tour is Unique

Price:  Adult $120 per person – Child $70 pp  ( Families 2A+2C $340 )
Duration:  Two Hours 
Departs:  Whitianga Wharf 8:00 am – 10:30am – 1:00pm & 4:00 pm
Meet your vessel 15mins prior to your departure

Cruise Cathedral Cove, With its magnificent white sand beaches, native New Zealand trees, and spectacular rock formations, along with breathtaking volcanic coastline, features sheer cliffs, towering pinnacles, blowholes, and sea caves such as the Orua Sea cave. You may see various marine life through the glass panels, including red snapper, red moki, leather jackets, schools of demoiselles and blue mau mau. Examine the kelp forest closely to find stingrays, crayfish, and octopus. Keep a watch out for blue penguins, seabirds, and marine animals such as dolphins, orcas, and seals on the surface.

An Informative & Friendly Tour By Our Crew

Learn how our volcanic coastline was formed, and the landscape’s geology and stunning rock features.

Our town of Whitianga is full of history that you will learn about, such as why the town was established here, the arrival of Captain Cook and his discovery while in Mercury Bay.
Dive into our Maori history with Kupe’s first landing, settlement, and today’s culture.

Let our crew of marine scientists show you the marine life you can see through our glass bottom boat, our precious marine ecosystem and the marine reserve. We share our core beliefs on sustainability and maintaining a healthy ocean.

Glass bottom boat whitianga

What You Will Enjoy About This Tour

Due to the limited number of guests onboard, our experiences are personalised and intimate. with a highly qualified and professional crew providing a friendly and welcoming environment onboard.

Our excursion is the only Whitianga boat cruise that provides a view of our underwater beauty and marine life. You can observe marine life through the glass bottom or snorkelling among the fish.

Our vessels offer comfort and protection from the New Zealand elements.

Explore the stunning volcanic coastline above the surface and

the magical underwater world of the marine reserve below the surface.

Phone:  07 867 1962                Email: [email protected]                                                                                   

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Glass botom boat with Orca whitianga


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