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Hot Tubs Rotorua at Secret Spot

Secret Spot is a 2-minute drive from Rotorua, nestled in the Waipa Valley, New Zealand’s mountain riding paradise. You’ll discover a location with a terrific vibe, where everything is handcrafted – from the red cedar hot tubs to the local beer – and where you’ll be surrounded by thick native flora.

The hot tubs are ideal for relaxing with friends and can accommodate up to 6 people per tub. Because of their size, they are ideal for families or as a roomy hideaway for two. We have 12 magnificent hot tubs accessible to suit bigger parties, and each hot tub is located in a private place surrounded by lush native vegetation.

The lovely setting of Secret Spot allows you to enjoy the finest that Rotorua has to offer. With cool artisan beer and cider brought right to your hot tub at the touch of a button, you can concentrate on what matters most: soaking in pure spring water on the forest’s edge.

With your beverage purchase, you will also receive a complimentary Shinny Dip. Our Shinny Dips are little cedar hot tubs with views of the forest, ideal for resting tired legs. Secret Spot serves a variety of delectable food and beverages, including local bakery items and manuka-roasted coffee, and we welcome dogs.

Come explore your own private corner here after your day’s adventures, whether you’re a local or a tourist to our piece of heaven.


Our Water at Secret Spot

We like to keep things simple – you book an hour of secluded hot tub time (45 minutes of soak time and 15 minutes for getting in and out).

You get your own tub for your party, no interruptions or rowdy swimmers with you – great! Our 12 tubs are secluded and set outside amongst the tree ferns, with optional umbrellas over the tub to shade you from the sun or rain. At night you soak in a magical setting of lanterns amongst the beautifully lit surrounding native bush.

And what goes well with a hot tub soak after a big day’s adventure? A nice cold craft beer or cider or refreshing beverage of your choice.

Just like a journey to our favourite hot stream in the bush, we’ve built in lots of cool little surprises for you to discover on your visit to Secret Spot.

After showering and changing in our brand-new cedar facilities, and picking up your flax kete (basket) with craft beverage of your choice, you head down the boardwalk through the ferns to find your secluded hot tub next to the Waipa stream. Relax, share the stories from your day’s adventures, and connect with nature.

We have complimentary lockers to secure your gear, and mountain bikers are welcome to bring in the bikes – we know how you can’t bear to be parted from them.

After your soak, lounge a little longer on our veranda and boardwalk area where you can enjoy a bite to eat, an ice cream, or a post-soak beverage while you check out your day’s Go-Pro clips.


Our Cedar Hot Tubs are supplied with pure spring water from a magnificent hidden spring high in the Whakarewarewa Forest. It’s so clean after trickling through the volcanic aquifers beneath the forest for a hundred years.

Because the water is not geothermal, you will emerge from your bath feeling refreshed and smelling like cedar – no sulphur odour on your swimwear or skin! When you come, each tub is filled with fresh water, and new filtered water is constantly refreshing your tub during your bath. Only freshly filtered water enters your tub (water does not flow from other tubs to your tub).


The BaseCamp is our newest addition to Secret Spot Hot Tubs — a luxurious all-weather safari tent venue replete with bar, couches, picnic tables, firepit, heaters, lighting, music, and antler chandeliers!
BaseCamp accommodates 70 people indoors, with extra patio seating available. We offer a terrific assortment of music, DJs, and delectable cuisine. The two open firepits set the tone, and BaseCamp’s soothing indoor/outdoor flow makes it ideal for a work function, celebration, or family gathering. More Information


Whether you’re a local or visitor to our patch of paradise.

Come discover your own secret spot here after your day’s adventures. 


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